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Kristina Chap

Photographer & Documentary-maker

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I am trained in photojournalism & documentary film. Check for more info below.

Five things I love

  1. All cats

  2. To dance the chicken-dance

  3. To have a satsuma to swim towards at the end of the pool

  4. Mmmmmmusic

  5. To watch people enjoying the first spring sun with their eyes closed

About me

I am a social butterfly who loves to socialize with people, is chronically positive and open to all the impressions of the world. As a warm-hearted person, I always care about the beings around me. That's what makes me, me. I am passionate and alive emotionally - and that is also my job: I always put my whole heart and soul into my craft to create the best results.


Do you want me as your photographer or maybe work together? It's always fun when people get in touch!


Love ,, Kristina

"Kristina is a badass photographer and in addition to that so fun and genuine that you do not have to have a background at the Theater Academy to squeeze a smile - it comes by itself. Now I have CV photos and photos for the grandchildren for eternity and extra! I really recommend Kristina "

- Kalle Landegren, illustrator & artist

"Incredible photographer! Professional with high positive energy! The end result was breathtaking"

- Anise, AKA Chlamydia von Karma


Januari 2023 – Januari 2024

Fotografiska seminariet - Gestaltande fotografi

vid Konstfack, Stockholm. Kursen utgår från en konstnärlig gestaltning med fotografi som ämne, material och tematik. Innehållet rymmer allt från fotografiets relation till begär och det omedvetna till dess optiska funktion, ideologi och plats i historien.

August 2013 - June 2017

Bachelor of Documentary Film Production with specialization in directing at the Norwegian TV School in Lillehammer / University of the Interior.

I specialized in directing, but also made clips on all my films, as well as some photography and grade. Professional qualification in research, ethics, production planning, dramaturgy, interview techniques, editing techniques and direction.

August 2011 - June 2012

Media 2 Photojournalism at the Labor Movement's Folk High School in Ringsaker (AFR) course in all-round photojournalism such as feature, documentary, news and portrait photography. Internship in the organization The future in our hands and the magazine Folkevett. Was also a photo assistant for photographer Lillian Andersen.

August 2010 - June 2011

The UN Academy at the Labor Movement's Folk High School in Ringsaker (AFR), course in social sciences and international relations. Performing arts as an extra subject. Made my own exhibition with photos, sound, graphics and collage! Was also involved in my first film project. About Palestinian refugee youth in Lebanon.

August 2007 - June 2010

Media and communication at Gjøvik upper secondary school. The high school line was obvious to me who at this point wanted to become a writing journalist. Wrote a lot and had photography as an extra subject. 16 years old I persuaded an editor to test myself as a journalist and well I got a job as a cultural journalist! The dream job.

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